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Welcome to Ram Sharan Roy College is located at Panapur, Makkanpur, P.O.-Jandaha, P.S-Mahnar, Districts-Vaishali, Bihar. The College is run and managed by Ram Sharan Memorial educational & Social welfare Trust Ram Sharan Roy B.Ed. College has a well equipped building with laboratories, Computer lab, Library and other essential facilities as required by National Council for Teachers Education . It is located in a very peaceful area far from the noise and rush of the city.

  • This college has been affilted to B.R.A.B. University Muzaffarpur
  • This Collage has Computer And Internet Facilities
  • Well Educated and Experinced Holder Staffs
  • Library Facilities Available
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At our college you will find an engaged, dynamic and friendly community of students, staff and faculty. Our aim is to help students chase their dreams and pursue their interests and aptitudes. We want to achieve this aim with the active cooperation of the students’ family along with the students.

Dr.Saurabh Agarwal

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